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RNA Extraction & Purification Systems

GeneMatrix mini column platform for efficient, secure and convenient RNA purification.


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Universal RNA Kit

Kit for extraction and purification of total RNA from human and animal tissues, cell culture, plant, yeast and bacteria.

Universal RNA / miRNA Kit

Kit for isolation of total RNA and miRNA from tissue, plant and cell culture. For isolation either of solely small RNAs (Micro RNA, miRNA) or for total RNA plus small RNA molecules (> 15-30 nucleotides). Works completely without Phenol.

DNA + RNA + Protein Kit

Kit for fractionated isolation of total DNA/RNA/Protein from the same biological sample. Suitable for human and animal tissue, cell culture, plant tissue, bacteria and yeast.

Environmental DNA & RNA Kit

Kit for isolation of DNA and RNA from difficult-to-lyse sample material, such as stool, soil and environmental samples, heart valves, cartilage etc.


Kit for isolation of RNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samples.

Human Blood RNA Kit

Isolation of total RNA from fresh human blood / leukocytes.

Universal Blood RNA Kit

Isolation of total RNA from human or animal blood samples, from fresh or frozen blood with stabilizers; contains buffer Lyse Blood for RNA stabilization during frozen storage.

Viral RNA / DNA Kit

Designed for simultaneous isolation of viral RNA and DNA from fresh or frozen sample material. Suitable for plasma, serum, cell-free body fluids and for swabs.