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Microbiology: Genomic DNA From Bacteria and Yeasts

Kits for genomic DNA extraction and purification from various microorganisms.


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Agrobacterium Plasmid DNA Kit

Isolation of plasmid DNA from Rhizobium radiobacter (well-known, historic synonym: Agrobacterium tumefaciens)

Soil DNA Kit

Kit for extraction of DNA from soil.

Bacterial & Yeast Genomic DNA Kit

Extraction and purification of genomic DNA from Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and from diverse yeast species.
Enzymatic lysis.

Gram Plus & Yeast Genomic DNA Purification Kit

Kit for isolation of total DNA from hard to lyse bacteria (Gram+, archaea) and from yeasts.
Mechanical, bead based lysis.

Tissue & Bacterial DNA Kit

Kit for simultaneous extraction of total DNA from human / animal tissues and bacteria. Enables the detection of bacterial and viral DNA in tissue samples.