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Tissue & Bacterial DNA Kit

Kit for simultaneous extraction of total DNA from human / animal tissues and bacteria. Enables the detection of bacterial and viral DNA in tissue samples.

Detailed Product Description
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50 prepsE3551-0190.00
150 prepsE3551-02253.00

 Detailed Reference Manual (English Version Only)

Protocols available for DNA extraction from

  • solid tissue samples, e.g.
    • brain,
    • heart,
    • skin,
    • liver,
    • cancer / tumor biopsies,
    • and other solid tissue samples;
  • bacterial and tissue DNA (simultaneous extraction), e.g.
    • infectious bacteria in tissues (wounds etc.),
    • bacterial contaminants in fresh meat or in dairy products;
  • paraffin-embedded tissue samples;
  • formalin-fixed tissues;
  • liquid tissues and body fluids, e.g.
    • blood,
    • saliva,
    • plasma,
    • serum,
    • brain-spinal cord liquid,
    • urine;
  • extracellular DNA in human or animal serum and plasma;
  • cultured cells;
  • mouse tails, rodent tails;
  • hair;
  • insects;
  • bird feathers.

Quality Characteristics
  • Detection of microbial contaminations in non-processed food of animal origin.
  • Suitable for DNA extraction from conserved samples (paraffin, formalin).
  • Efficiently separates DNA from DNA-binding proteins (e.g. nucleases), from RNA, cell debris, lipids etc.
  • Long term column and buffer storage without loss of quality enabled.

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