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Special application enzymes and reagents.


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Agarase ( Streptomyces sp. )

Cleaves 1-4 bonds in agarose, yielding soluble oligosaccharide multimers of neoagarobiose. Simple, quantitative recovery of intact nucleic acids from agarose gels.

Sortase A (Staphylococcus aureus)

Protein ↔ protein ligase (transpeptidase) and protease. Enables posttranslational protein ligation and immobilization to coated surfaces under physiological (nondenaturing) conditions.

Bovine Serum Albumin (Acetylated)

Supplement in biochemical reactions, prolongs half-lifetime of enzymes, acetylated to inactivate contaminating nucleases.

TEV Protease

Protease for the removal of affinity tags from fusion proteins. Optimized enzyme activity. Protected against self-cleavage.

Endocyclase N15

Endocyclase N15 (Protelomerase N15) catalyzes the formation of covalent links between complementary 5'‑ and 3'‑ ends (clamps DNA strands together) and forms exonuclease-protected hairpin ends at specific double-stranded DNA recognition sites.

Human Cot DNA

Human placenta Cot DNA decreases false positive signals in hybridization assays. Optimized for a size range of 50 to 300 base pairs. Native.


Improves bacterial cell lysis (10 mg/ml).

Proteinase K

Solution 20 mg/ml.

Ribonuclease Inhibitor

Active over a broad pH and temperature range, more potent than human placental RNase inhibitors.

Placental Ribonuclease Inhibitor

Recombinant human placental protein which specifically inhibits ribonucleases A, B and C.

Uncut Human Placental DNA

Y-Chromosomal DNA: DNA purified only from male placentas.

Vivid Violet DNA / RNA Co - Precipitate

Inert, highly visible co-precipitate, designed as a neutral carrier to increase DNA / RNA precipitation yields.