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Extra buffers for DNA & RNA kits

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Replacement Buffer for DNA/RNA Purification Kit

One bottle of replacement buffer foo any buffer from any DNA/RNA Purification Kit.


Anti-foaming reagent for lysis buffers from certain kits, e.g. Environmental DNA & RNA Kit (E3572).

Lyse CT buffer

Solely for DNA kit E3595.
Additional lysing solution for plant tissues rich in polysaccharides.

Lyse RBC buffer

Solely for RNA kit E3596.
Additional lysing solution for red blood cells.

Lysis Buffer PVP

Lysis buffer for plant tissue samples rich in polyphenolic and polysaccharidic compounds

Universal Solution for DNA isolation (GeDI)

Ready-to-use reagent, mixture of detergents and salts for DNA isolation from samples of diverse origin.