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PCR – Accessory Enzymes & Proteins

Enzymes and nonenzymatic proteins commonly used as additives for PCR reactions

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Gp 32 Protein (single-stranded binding protein of T4 bacteriophage)

Single-stranded binding protein from the T4 bacteriophage. The protein destabilizes helices and reduces secondary structure formation, stabilizes ssDNA regions for site-specific mutagenesis.

Single-stranded DNA Binding Protein ( E.coli )

Enhances applications incl. PCR by destabilizing DNA secondary structure and increasing polymerase processivity.

Taq Single-stranded DNA Binding Protein ( Thermus aquaticus )

Thermostable SSB protein. Destabilizes helices, reduces secondary structure formation and improves DNA amplification efficiency.

Thermolabile Uracil-N-Glycosylase

Thermolabile enzyme for selective digestion of uracil-labeled DNA.


Selective digestion of uracil-labeled DNA, prevents carryover contamination.