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TI Amplus DNA Polymerase

TI-inhibited "HotStart" Th.sp.+Py.sp. "proofreading" blend.

  • Extremely long PCR (up to 40 kb).
  • Moderate "proofreading".
  • Separate enzyme and 10x buffers.
  • Non-colored and colored 10x PCR buffers for direct gel load

    Quantity Package Cat-No. Price in €
    100 u / Kit (+ dNTPs)EK2930-0129.00
    500 u / Kit (+ dNTPs)EK2930-02132.00

    Application Example

    Figure: Very long range PCR with Amplus DNA Polymerase: PCR amplification of human chromosomal DNA (18, 22 24 kb) and of episomal DNA (phage λ). Marker DNA: Phage λ [GenBank J02459] digested with (MW1) HindIII, (MW2) KpnI and (MW3) ApaI, respectively.

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