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Bio-Trace DNA Kit

Kit for extraction and purification of DNA from various samples for clinical and forensic analysis.

Detailed Product Description
 English Version

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25 prepsE3510-0159.00
100 prepsE3510-02220.00

 Detailed Reference Manual (English Version Only)

Protocols available for DNA extraction from
  • fragments of solid tissue;
  • paraffin-embedded tissue samples;
  • formalin-fixed tissues;
  • liquid tissues and body fluids, e.g.
    • blood,
    • saliva,
    • semen,
    • urine;
  • hair roots and stems;
  • finger and toe nails;
  • cigarette filters and chewing gum.

Quality Characteristics
  • Dedicated kit for isolation of very small, minute DNA amounts from forensic and from clinical samples.
  • Suitable for DNA extraction of minute DNA amounts from delicate, conserved samples (paraffin, formalin).
  • Protocols available for DNA isolation from delicate sources, e.g. from finger and toe nails, from dried blood spots, from various body liquids as well as from various pieces of evidence such as cigarette filters and chewing gum.

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