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Polymerase X — ON Hybrid DNA Polymerase

"Hot Start" Hybrid DNA Polymerase variant, chemical inhibition.

  • Enhanced processivity.
  • High "proofreading" activity.
  • Separate enzyme and 10x buffers.
  • Non-colored and colored 10x PCR buffers for direct gel loading.

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Quantity Package Cat-No. Price in €
100 uE2960-0141.00
500 uE2960-02168.00
100 u / Kit (+ dNTPs)EK2960-0148.00
500 u / Kit (+ dNTPs)EK2960-02204.00

A comparison of features: Hybrid DNA Polymerase vs Pfu DNA Polymerases and derivatives:

In comparison to Pfu derivatives, Hybrid DNA Polymerase offers higher processivity. Both, reaction efficiency and reaction speed are increased, allowing for shorter reaction times while maintaining high fidelity and the resulting high accuracy.

This property also allows generation of longer DNA fragments starting from genomic templates, an important feature when preparing amplicons for cloning purposes.

Superior performance of Hybrid DNA Polymerase, as compared to conventional Pfu polymerase derivatives, is achieved in applications such as preparing exact fragments for cloning from genomic DNA, including GC-rich DNA. Hybrid Polymerase is characterized by higher salt tolerance and lower sensitivity to PCR inhibitors, as compared to Pfu polymerase.

Site-specific mutagenesis conducted with Hybrid polymerase leads to higher efficiency, as compared to conventional Pfu polymerases.

Hybrid polymerase, unlike conventional Pfu polymerases, can be successfully and efficiently used in seamless cloning using the CPEC (Circular Polymerase Extension Cloning) technique.