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XELEX DNA Core Kit - Complete Set

Complete kit with all required core components for DNA SELEX. Contains all components from both, XELEX selection and analysis units, respectively.

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50 selections
& 25 analyses

 Detailed Reference Manual (English Version Only)

The XELEX Kit series is a modular kit system covering a highly optimized version of the entire SELEX work-flow. It consists of a core kit and several add-on packages which add functionality for individual adjustment of the selection process to experimental requirements.

The kit is subdivided into two units, a selection unit and an analysis unit.
  • Whereas the → Selection Unit covers the entire range of the actual SELEX enrichment and aptamer selection procedure from random DNA libraries,
  • the → Analysis Unit deals with all issues related to quality control and initial characterization of both, the enriched libraries as well as of those aptamers identified as good binders.
  • The → Complete Set assembles both, the selection and the analysis unit, respectively.
  • Extra spin columns for the selection unit are available as → Emulsion & DNA Spin Column Set.
The kit assembles bench experience from many man-years and cumulates in a streamlined work-flow. Novel approaches help to significantly cut down hands-on time from several months down to just a couple of weeks.

Table: Xelex DNA Core Kit, Package content differentiators:

Complete Set Selection Unit Emulsion & DNA Spin Column Set Analysis Unit
Order No.
DNA Spin Columns &
Buffer Set
    Both, selection
    and analysis units
    Selection unit only
    For use with
    selection unit only
    Analysis unit only
    DNA Selection, Emulsion
    & DNA Purification Components
    • DNA spin columns,
    • emulsion components,
    • and DNA purification buffers.
    Library and Library Amplification Primers
    • Bank40 library,
    • and PCR primers for library amplification.
    Analysis Components
    • Non-emulsion DNA spin columns and buffer set,
    • diversity standards,
    • and diversity standard amplification primers.