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1-Step RT-PCR Kit

Convenient one-step cDNA synthesis kit, optimized for sensitive and highly specific RT.

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25 reactions (25 μl)E0803-0160.00
100 reactions (25 μl)E0803-02230.00

The NG dART OneStep RT-PCR Kit is a convenient system for sensitive one-single-tube RT-PCR reaction setups. It contains an optimized master enzyme mix including the highly processive NG dART reverse transcriptase, high fidelity OptiTaq DNA polymerase (with proofreading activity) and an unique RNase inhibitor, which offers optimal protection of precious RNA not only under ambient conditions but as well at elevated temperatures.

The master mix buffer is an optimized 2x buffer including dNTPs, stabilizers and reaction enhancers.

Optimized towards high efficiency amplification of DNA starting from any RNA, the one-step process proceeds with high specificity and sensitivity. The kit is designed for analytic as well as for cloning purposes.

All required enzymes, optimized buffers, RNase free water and high quality dNTPs are supplied along with the product package.

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