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3 in 1 - Basic DNA Kit

"Three in one" kit for extraction and purification of DNA from (1) agarose gels, (2) for plasmid DNA purification and (3) for PCR or DNA clean up after enzymatic reactions.

Detailed Product Description
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Quantity Package Cat-No. Price in €
50 prepsE3545-0157.00
150 prepsE3545-02169.00

 Detailed Reference Manual (English Version Only)

Figure 1: 3 in 1 Basic DNA Kit (Plasmid, Agarose, PCR DNA Clean Up: Box and kit components.

Figure 2: Direct comparison between 3 in 1 Basic DNA Kit (B) and dedicated PCR / DNA clean up kit (P). The 3 in 1 kit purifies DNA as efficient as the PCR / DNA clean up kit.
The Basic DNA Kit performs equally well in direct comparison to plasmid and agarose kits, respectively.

Quality Characteristics
  • Three kits in one: Agarose gel DNA purification, plasmid DNA isolation and PCR / DNA clean up.
  • No need to purchase three separate kits - this kit covers most purposes for routine applications.
  • No compromise with respect to quality - same great performance as our dedicated agarose, plasmid and PCR / DNA clean-up kits .
  • Extra high column binding capacity - highly pure DNA.
  • Straightforward, fast and easy to use protocols.

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