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Direct Blood PCR Kit

For PCR reactions directly from whole blood without prior DNA extraction or purification. High fidelity - proofreading.

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Quantity Package Cat-No. Price in €
100 reactions (20 μl)E0950-0164.00
500 reactions (20 μl)E0950-02255.00

Melting Temperature (Tm) Calculation

Calculate Tm's using the base-stacking method (nearest-neighbor method).
Default parameters are: 500 nM primer concentration, 50 mM salt concentration, 1,5 mM Mg2+ concentration.

Primer (6-50 bases):
Basic Tm
Degenerated nucleotides are allowed
Base-Stacking Tm
Degenerated nucleotides are NOT allowed
Primer concentration: nM
Salt concentration: mM
Mg2+ concentration: mM

Source code is freely downloable at biophp.org
Application Example

Figure: Direct blood proofreading PCR amplification with Direct Blood PCR Kit (Cat. No. E0950) in a size range between 0.5 and 4 kb. Amplification started directly from fresh blood samples [5% v/v] without any prior DNA purification step. Molecular weight marker MW (PerfectPlus™ 1 kb DNA Ladder). Lanes 1.1 to 12 kb: PCR amplification reactions. For further reaction parameters see manual.

Direct Blood PCR Kit - Package Contents
  • Direct Blood DNA Polymerase (Proofreading)
  • 5x Buffer (Standard reaction buffer containing MgCl2)
  • dNTP solution
  • 25 mM MgCl2 solution
  • 50 mM EDTA solution
  • DMSO solution
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