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Color PfuPlus! DNA Polymerase

Color traced top quality modified Pfu DNA polymerase for molecular cloning, 1.0 u/µl

Detailed Product Description
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Quantity Package Cat-No. Price in €
100 uE1110-0122.00
500 uE1110-0283.00
2500 uE1110-03407.00
100 u / Kit (+ dNTPs)EK1110-0124.00
500 u / Kit (+ dNTPs)EK1110-0296.00
2500 u / Kit (+ dNTPs)EK1110-03451.00

Application Example

Figure: Short, medium and long distance high fidelity PCR amplification with PfuPlus! DNA Polymerase (Cat. No. E1118) in a size range between ~1 and 20 kb. Molecular weight marker M1 (Perfect™ 1kb DNA Ladder). Lanes 1.1 to 20 kb: PCR amplification reactions. For further reaction parameters see manual.

Color PfuPlus! DNA Polymerase - Package Contents
  • Color PfuPlus! DNA Polymerase
  • 10x Color PfuPlus! Buffer
  • 25 mM MgSO4 solution
Color PfuPlus! DNA Polymerase - Kit Package Contents
  • Same as PfuPlus! DNA Polymerase, plus ultrapure dNTP solution

Color PfuPlus! DNA Polymerase is supplemented with two tracing dyes (yellow and red). These dyes allow direct loading of PCR products to agarose gels. Additionally, these dyes provide an optical control for a complete mixing during reaction setup by visualizing the complete suspension of polymerase in the reaction mix. This may prove useful for less experienced users such as teaching classes and student courses. In this Color edition, these dyes are mixed directly to the polymerase . As a consequence, the Color enzyme edition does not allow the end user to run PCR reactions without addition of dyes.

Click here for a direct link to the uncolored PfuPlus! DNA Polymerase product page.

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